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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine of East Harlem

This website is dedicated to all the people who help make this great feastive tradition possible. From the Italian Immigrants of 1881 to the present day workers and all the devotees in between that either attended the Shrine or still are attending. Without those people in the past that helped make this tradition possible there would not be a today. For the people of the present will keep it going for generations to come.

A special dedication I would like to mention would be Ginzie Zito, for I have known her to be there every year helping to keep this tradition going. She has been a pillar of inspiration and she has the true meaning of what it means to be devoted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine of East Harlem.

Also a special thanks goes to the Guerra,Clapps and Lanzetta Families for helping in researchng this website and producing the photographs.

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